Intimate Backyard + Rooftop Wedding.

Praying in Secret – Eric Gilmour

(play song above while scrolling through – highly recommend, aaaaaall the feels).

Have you ever felt like you’ve been friends with someone, years and years and years before you first them? That was me with Shelley and Jade. 

The night before their wedding, their parents invited me to a get-together that they were having at their house. As usual, my pre-wedding jitters kicked in upon arriving. I walked into the outdoor patio to everyone hugging me and giving me a “we-couldn’t-wait-to-meet-you!”

Shelley + Jade, like many Covid couples, had their original wedding in the Midlands, postponed. The next, gorgeous venue on offer was the groom’s parents’ home. A smaller guest list meant that their guests (mostly family/close family) could comfortably fit in, on the beautiful wrap-around patio. These two have been friends since childhood – Shelly has had her eye on Jade since she was a little girl. Their lives have been intertwined for as long as they can remember. I have never seen two people more smitten with one another, than them.

There wasn’t much about the day that was not absolute God-ordained perfection. There was an extreme peace that floated around the house – the groom with his parents and groomsmen, having a beer and a few laughs in the living room; the bride and her gals, listening to worship, helping each other with their hair. The moms of the bride and groom even set up their old wedding dresses in the room where Shelley was getting ready – too special.

I have to include a special moment that took place, for you all to hear about. Shelley and Jade were actually the winners of my annual wedding-package giveaway. Shelley felt that our meeting and subsequent working-together at her wedding was what she had prayed for. During make-up, I was photographing her – she looked at me and burst into tears. Let’s just say that our eyes hardly stayed dry for the remainder of the day.

Their couples shoot was done at Fouways Mall rooftop. We had envisioned a candy-floss sky with a golden sunset (which took place the day before at my visit) – we arrived to a rooftop with a grey sky, rolling clouds and wind. I have never seen a couple embrace this and enjoy this more than they did. That hour on that rooftop was an emotion-filled love story, on display. That’s all I have to say.

Enjoy this beautiful couple.

– Claudia