Wedding in the heart of Johannesburg CBD.

Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap

Ohhhh, Marty and Amy – the new Mr and Mrs Bleazard – where do I begin with stringing words together to sum up their day?

Here’s my best attempt at setting the scene.

Warm reception welcomes. Hum of the city. Bottles of bubbles, flowing. Barbershop open for groom prep. Light pouring into penthouse. Twinkle of gemstones on rings. Bouquets, showing themselves off in sink. Excited voices, muffled by plush carpet. Newly polished shoes, click clacking down the hallway. Seats filled with fresh guest faces. Beautiful tears. Honest vows. Magical kiss. Floating confetti. Guests, eagerly waiting to congratulate (and to drink). Gathering of family. Dodging traffic for photo opps. Flowers and hands in the air. Cigars on the steps. Quiet, newlywed moments at last light in the penthouse. Saxophone entrance, roaring cheers. Nervous, microphone moments – more beautiful tears. Drinks. Food. Drinks. Goooooood food. Cake. Dancefloor on fire. Drive home with sore feet and happy heart.

– Claudia

Ceremony venue and accommodation: Hallmark Hotel
Reception: Marabi Club
Dress: Forever Bridal Boutique
MakeUp: Nicci Allen
Planning: Tanja de Ruig
Hair: Haircraft by Lizanne

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So very happy for the two of you Amy and Martin, you are perfect for each other and add so much love, happiness and joy to my life.
Lots of love. ❤️🎉🎼🍾